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Children's eyecare

The health of children’s eyes is crucial to their overall development. In every part of their life, from doing well in school to pursuing a sport or a hobby, it’s important that their vision is clear and their eyes are not causing them strain or discomfort.


As a family-orientated practice, we tailor all parts of our service to work for children so that with us they will always get the care that they need. 

Children's eye tests

An important part of children’s eye care is having their eyes regularly examined.


One of our experienced optometrists will create a clear picture of your child’s vision and eye health. Whether or not your child is experiencing symptoms, having their eyes checked is the only way to be sure their eyes are healthy.


Many childhood problems with vision go undiagnosed so regular, thorough eye examinations are an excellent way to put your mind at ease. Remember children under 16 and teenagers under 19 are entitled to completely free eye tests through the NHS. 

Glasses for children

Selecting frames for children may seem daunting, but we are here to help.


Our selection includes a variety of styles to suit every look and our expert dispensing team is on hand to provide helpful advice.


Whatever decision you make, you can be confident in the quality of our glasses no matter the size. 

Don't forget that there are optical vouchers available to go towards the cost of kids eyewear, available through the NHS.

If you have any questions about children's eye tests or eyewear, please do not hesitate to contact us

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myopia management
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Myopia management

Myopia is more commonly known as short-sightedness. Near objects are clear, but distant objects appear blurred. 


The younger the child is when they are first found to be myopic, the higher the prescription is likely to become, leading to an increased risk of developing a serious condition like retinal detachment or glaucoma.


Several management options have been developed to attempt to slow the progression, and therefore limit the degree, of myopia.  At Walsh Opticians, we offer a variety of exciting new developments in contact lens and glasses technology to bring you the option to actually slow the progression of myopia.

MiSight contact lenses by Coopervision

EyeDream contact lenses (Ortho K) by No.7

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