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Contact lenses

Correcting your vision with contact lenses is a better option than ever before. Our optometrists can fit contact lenses to suit your needs whether you are looking to wear them every day or for specific purposes.


Lens designs and fitting techniques are being developed all the time so almost everyone can now enjoy contact lenses that are comfortable and effective. 

Your contact lens appointment

Your contact lenses assessment is designed to find out which type of contact lenses will be best for you.


After confirming you are eligible to wear contact lenses, your optometrist will examine and measure your eyes before discussing which type of lenses will best suit your eyes and lifestyle.


Our optometrists have years of experience in contact lenses and consider each case individually to ensure that all of our eligible patients find lenses that suit them.  

Lens Types

Types of contact lenses

There are many different kinds of contact lenses to choose from. Various types only suit certain people’s eyes but with the choices that are still up to you, we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision.


We have a variety of soft and rigid gas-permeable lenses for all different kinds of use and we can fit specialised lenses for people with eye conditions and strong prescriptions.


Keratoconus lens specialists

Included in our specialised and medical range of contact lenses are keratoconus contact lenses – these rigid lenses provide excellent vision correction and comfort that can usually not be achieved for people with keratoconus.


Whatever your needs, at Walsh Opticians our priority is to help you find contact lenses that you’re completely happy with. 

Aftercare & advice

Aftercare appointments are an important part of getting your new contact lenses. We need to check in with you to ensure that your lenses are still right for your eyes and vision.


If you are having any difficulties with use or experiencing discomfort this is also an opportunity to correct that. Aftercare is how we provide continued optimum vision to our patients so you can keep enjoying your lenses for years to come. 

We also offer interest-free finance options for easy ordering and payment for your contact lenses to ensure that you never run out of your supply. 

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